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SADARS AGM - 30th March 2004

Chairman's Report

After a busy first year as chair, I can say that things are looking good for the club.

Foundation courses continue to be well attended, and is testament to the organisation involved, our contest activities are always moving forward, and we have taken part in a number of outside events including the steam rally, the Baldock festival and J.O.T.A.

The committee has been kept very busy with the day to day running of things, no more so than when BAE donated a huge quantity of equipment to us. This has really helped us along, and allowed us to raise funds that will help us attract and teach new licensees as well as inspire some of the not so new ones. The first of many things to be carried out of course being the refurbishment of the shack. Our profound thanks must go to Tim for his original ideas and contacts within.

Membership continues to rise steadily and I believe that it will continue to do so, we also have generated a steady interest in homebrew equipment, this being noted throughout the range of members we have here.

For 2004 I would like to see the club pull together more, and offer more help to our other commitments both present and planned these include Intermediate courses and our special event station at Twinwoods.

My sincere thanks to all of the members for the support offered in what is at times a daunting task to take on. I look forward hopefully to serving the club in this role for the next year, with the resources and strengths we have here as a club we really could achieve anything we want to achieve.

I close by thanking my colleagues on the committee for their assistance in making my task a little easier, and would ask you all to put your hands together as a mark of gratitude.

The Awards

Tim Haynes (G8PTP) - Bright Idea and Honorary Membership
Ken Brady (G0MKN) - G3KSS and Honorary Membership

(Photo Soon)
Frank Collett (G3OVT) - Keeper of the old KSS Shield
Nicolas Pike (M1HOG) - Chairs Choice
Martin Juhe (M3JUH) - M0KPB DX Trophy
Maurice Titcombe (M3MLT) - M1ECY Constructors Trophy