Stevenage And District Amateur Radio Society
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Club Projects
Updated 30th June 2013

L/C meter - PIC based inductance and capacitance meter kit

Updated 30th June 2013

The Baldock Festival - G3SAD from the festival.

Mills On The Air - GB6CW from Cromer Windmill.

JOTA - Jamboree On The Air

Updated 30th June 2013

IOTA - Islands On The Air - G2R

RSGB Contests Site

80M RSGB Club Calls

RSGB National Field Day CW Contest

RSGB VHF National Field Day Contest

RSGB SSB National Field Day Contest

Software For PC, Android and Apple Devices
Updated 12th December 2013

SAQrx VLF Receiver -  Was written primarily for reception of the 2006 Christmas transmission from SAQ but it was made tunable so it can be used for other purposes while waiting for the next SAQ transmission :-)

Repeater - Find Repeaters across the UK and beyond. Available for Android and Apple devices (Developed by M1HOG)

SOTA Finder - Find SOTA Summits across the world. Available for Android  (Developed by M1HOG)

Micro Controllers, Modules and Programming
Updated 30th June 2013

Controllers, compilers and modules - Controllers, compilers and modules.

Byvac - Providing electronic equipment to make projects easier.

Processing - The Software Sketchbook - Free for Windows, Linux and Mac

Components etc
Updated 30th June 2013

Rapid Electronics - Components and parts, great prices.

Licences and Courses
Updated 28th June 2013

QADV - Advanced Licence test program

Ham Radio Audio Files "Podcasts"
Updated 28th June 2013

Solder Smoke - Amateur Radio experimenter discusses workbench radio projects.

Ham Radio Now - Amateur Radio Video Podcast

Ham Nation - With Bob Heil - Amateur Radio Video Podcast.

Amateur Radio Newsline - Amateur Radio News Reports.

Logging Programs
Updated 28th June 2013

WinLog32 - General purpose logging software, with a definite slant on DX'ing for both HF and VHF, including tracking various awards programs e.g. DXCC, IOTA, WAZ etc.

G4ZFE - MySQL / PHP Logbook.

SD - Contest logging program - Supports RSGB and other popular contests.

Morse Code
Updated 28th June 2013

Morse Training Software From G4FON (Koch Method)

Morse Software From MRX - Training software plus software to send and receive morse over a LAN or the internet.

ARRL Morse Practice MP3 Files

Morse Code Practice Page

4 Metres
Updated 28th June 2013

The Four Metres Yahoo Group

The Four Metres Web site

Internet Linking
Updated 28th June 2013

Internet Radio Linking Project

IRLP Procedures and Info

Clubs and Organisations
Updated 28th June 2013

Brickfields Amateur Radio Society - Isle Of Wight

Bedford And District Amateur Radio Club

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society

G QRP Club



Stevenage and District Scouts

South West Herts UHF Group - Managing the GB3GB ATV Repeater and the GB3SWH 10Ghz beacon.

For Sale and Rallys
Updated 28th June 2013

The Amazing Online Flea Market - From G3CWI.

Updated 5th November 2013

The - Best - Random Wire Antenna Lengths

General Interest
Updated 28th June 2013

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Sadars make a small commission on every sale using this link (At no cost to you !)

Antenna Analysers
Updated 28th June 2013

The Micro 908 - A re-usable control & computing platform for antenna measurement, PSK31 digital modems, audio filtering, signal source & VFO, memory keyer ... and more !

Eham Antenna Analyser Reviews