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Baldock Fair 2005

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If you didn't come to the Baldock Fair on Saturday 22nd May 2005, you missed a good event.

We started to erect the antennas in glorious sunshine. By the time all the equipment was setup and the public were allowed in, it started to rain. It didn't really stop all day, until about 15:00 when we started to break it all down again.

Due to the rain, it did have an effect on the numbers of visitors. We had a steady flow of people come in to see us. Most of them showed a lot of interest in Les, G7THT's collection of vintage radios.

We had many visitors talking to us about amateur radio, some went away with leaflets and old copies of RadCom and PW that were on show. As far as radio went, as usual there wasn't much action, although I think we managed to nearly fill a page of the logbook, thanks to the efforts of Ken G0MKN, Tom G4BYE, and some excellent operating by Alex M3IZR under the very difficult conditions of other amateurs in the room. Ken G0MKN was a great help to Alex. We used both "real" radio and CW [HI] for the few contacts made.

Thanks to all the club members that helped to set up the event and support the club. Mainly, the club needs to show its appreciation to Les for arranging the event and supplying virtually ALL the equipment, antennas, radios and of course the extensive collection of vintage radios etc. Also, for Anne M3TJA (Les's station manager) for allowing him to arrange it. When it came to closing down, with the help of the members, we were finished in under 1 hour.

More Photographs

All hands unloading
Mast for the G5RV
View from the balcony
Starting Up
Attaching the G5RV
G7THT's collection of vintage radios
SADARS Display