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Club L/C Meter Project

Our club project is a very useful L/C meter - Be sure to add your name to the list if you would like to build one - Only a few kits left!

I have also started a page on my site for the project which contains other related/unrelated info!

This SADARS page will always contain the latest links and information to build the L/C meter kit.

          IOTA 2012
Neil M0ARH - L/C Meter Construction /P


5th November - Only a few kits left. Contact Nicolas ASAP if you would like to build one.

22nd September - Keith will be doing a presentation on making front panels for the L/C meter on Tuesday 25th September.

21st September - Updated Construction Notes and Photographs - Start Building Here!

25th August - Keith has produced some excellent notes describing How the L/C meter works - by Keith G4KGP

7th August - Final part of kits delivered. Updated Construction Notes and Photographs - Start Building Here!

17th July - Project briefing at SADARS and collect your kit!

9th July - The PCBs arrive. The G4HUP L/C Meter PCBs arrived today, they look great.

7th July - Thanks everyone for the donated parts. The PCBs, crystals, and a number of other parts are expected in the next few days. I have started sorting the parts I have into kits. Built a header for my existing PIC programmer and programmed a PIC with the L/C code. Experimenting with a couple of "junk box" LCD displays.   

The L/C Meter we are building - G4HUP Kit Version

Construction Notes and Photographs - Start Building Here!

How the L/C meter works - by Keith G4KGP

G4HUP Web Site

G4HUP Instructions

G4HUP Frequently asked questions

Useful Links

A fun soldering tutorial
Resistor Colour Codes and Calculator

PIC Programming

L/C Meter Source Code - Part way down the page. - All about the PICs.
PIC 16F628A Processor Data Sheet - PIC used in the L/C Meter.

PIC Programming notes from AL GM1SXX

and a movie at...

Serial programming is simple and undemanding and a Kenny Wong (JDM type) programmer consists of a PCB, a ZIF socket, a couple of cheap transistors , diodes and passive components and little else. It also has a header for in-circuit programming, but I always use the ZIF myself.  It was worth purchasing just for the high quality ZIF alone!  I can't buy a 40 pin ZIF here for that little money!

There are loads of JDM programmers on the Wobbly Wide Widget...